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The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something will change. 

Albert Einstein

Computers, servers, smartphones and other technical devices require a high level of electrical energy. QUANTUM provides experts who need this energy for their daily work. QUANTUM employees also use electronic devices, they travel, they are active. Unfortunately, we also need much more energy than we can currently produce using renewable energies. 


What does QUANTUM do?

Our strategy is subordinated to principles and thus follows a universal hierarchy of four concepts.

1. “AVOID”

We try to reduce Co² emissions as a matter of principle. One of our strongest pillars here is the consistent “remote-first strategy” that we have pursued at QUANTUM since the beginning of our business activities.

A study by the Federal Statistical Office shows that this measure can have extreme effects. In Germany, for example, Co² emissions fell by 26% overall in the Corona year. Transport alone accounts for as much as 52% of greenhouse gases.

2. “REUSE” 

We associate the issue of reusability with a long service life for our electronic end devices. We bequeath used devices and buy re-furbished devices, as far as the performance of these devices is given.

Of course, we don’t use any paper materials in our remote organization: digital contracts, online storages, and marketing materials in video or PDF formats all contribute. Unfortunately, some organizations still require a signature on an original document, which is why we still have a printer at our headquarters.


Of course, we do not use any disposable materials or giveaways that are intended for one-time use. In addition, we try as much as possible to order regionally or have it delivered, and we select partners and suppliers who are equally built on the values. Strict waste separation goes without saying and almost does not need to be mentioned.


For a long time we have also struggled to make this statement, creating and discarding proposals. Now we have linked this aspect directly to our work and that of our candidates and employees: For all projects that run longer than three months, we plant trees with our partner “Grow my Tree“. Thus, for a three-month collaboration we plant 11 trees, for six 22, and for a year 44 trees for clients and freelancers/employees. The certificates go to our customers and employees as well as our external collaborators after the cooperation is completed.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

In concrete terms, this means that 44 trees are planted in a one-year collaboration, for example. These 44 trees neutralize 968 kg of CO² per year. This corresponds to approx: 1x flight: Berlin – Barcelona (outbound only) 10% of an average annual CO2 emission


Avoid models in nearshoring

We are aware that physical distance and hectic, speed-driven everyday business life are difficult to reconcile with the issue of reducing greenhouse emissions. For example, who wants to drive for days in a car when the destination is only two hours away by plane?

Probably the balancing act of our time: We have to globalize, otherwise we would be left behind in Europe. Especially we as a “people business” notice this day by day. And the scarcity of resources is increasing sharply, while at the same time the market’s hunger for good developers is growing.

We contribute a small part here and pretend: – Train before flight. – Car (full) in front of train. – Wheel in front of car. – Online before offline. But not all flights can be avoided, if business is flown, we balance the CO² sum again.

And if a car has to be used, then at least it should be electric. For example, our company cars include two fully electric passenger cars.

You have an idea how we can become even more sustainable? Contact us, we are open for new ideas!

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