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Personnel consultancy, headhunter or management consultancy? Certainly, all these terms apply to us, yet we focus exclusively on your project’s success. Which contract model we use is of secondary importance to us.

Because in 20 years of agile IT project experience, we have learned that success comes when the right group of people come together and create something great. It is irrelevant whether these are permanent colleagues, freelancers or temporary workers. Because, as is so often the case, it’s not so much the “what” that counts here as the “why” and, above all, the “who”.

The Digital Excellence Club Germany is a contact point for IT experts who are looking for challenges. Initiated and curated by us, new candidates are always selected and invited according to the applicable admission criteria, ensuring that only proven and experienced specialists are gathered in this pool.

Even coming from digital product development. With an experience of more than 20 years in the field of user experience and as Scrum Coach, Product Owner, Chief Product Owner and Chief Product Officer we know the challenges of IT-oriented companies. We pass this know-how on to you as our customer and thus identify together with you which candidates have sufficient know-how and the right personality structure to support you long and successfully. Accompanying this, we work with psychologists who assess the personality of the candidates on request and ensure the “cultural fit”.


We find the best freelancers for you in europe

We are proud to have built up a European-wide network of freelancers over the years. We have already worked with most of these experts ourselves and can put them on your projects with full conviction.

We do not only look at the professional qualification, it must of course be supported by a convincing CV, but also at things  such as loyalty, solidarity with the company used and quick familiarization with the new client are qualities that make a top freelancer.


Simply implement projects

We find the best IT specialists where expertise, mentality and quality of work exceed the demands of corporations, medium-sized companies and top start-ups.
We guarantee our clients to build first-class IT teams faster than our competitors, at a lower price and with specialists connected to the company.


By neashoring, we mean outsourcing individual roles or, in this case, outsourcing entire projects. We prefer this method to onshoring because it is much faster and more cost-efficient.

We cooperate here with our Tec-Hub in Málage, QUANTUM International Málaga, which takes over the search on site for us. The contact person is us as the German sister.


You benefit from enormous savings potential with better quality.

You save time with a faster recruiting cycle compared to building and maintaining an in-house development effort.

Through us, you have a German partner on site who accompanies you through the entire process.

You will work with open, responsible and proactive teams in Málaga.

These qualities have a positive effect on project progress and loyalty to the client.

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