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Skill Radar

The Skill Radar

QUANTUM extends the offer for experts and customers with the so-called “Skill Radar”. The tool, which is used for every new project announcement and direct mandate, shows the professional suitability of the candidate at a glance.

Faster to the freelancer of your choice

Who does not know the situation when the spark jumps over, when it becomes clear “this is our desired candidate”. Our customers love these moments, and so do our candidates. We provide a technology-enabled response to this moment, which often feels like enjoying a delicacy. It is called the “Skill Radar” and it works like this:

As a rule, our customers know exactly what the desired candidate should bring to the table. Professional experience, industry know-how, multilingualism and specialized technology knowledge, for example. Usually the hard facts – it’s about experience, training and the knowledge that the organization currently lacks.

The right fit thanks to self-assessment

Already at the very beginning of the process we have installed this method, a self-assessment of the candidate based on the requirements of the customer. The expert estimates himself on the different requirements in a kind of flash survey and can supplement the quantified inputs with additional information. The benefits are obvious: decision-makers, but also the candidates themselves, quickly gain an idea of how suitable he or she is for these specific requirements.

The right briefing is what counts

Our clients get a clear overview of the candidates’ input from the very first briefing, allowing them to quickly identify and prioritize who should be considered.

The advantages

We recognize decisive advantages through this method compared to the classical approach:


On the part of the client and the candidates.


The avoidance of unnecessary interviews and thus a faster response time to suitable candidates.


Better decisions early in the process that can be made based on facts.

Your candidate at a glance

In addition to a numerical ranking, the freelancer has the opportunity to assess himself and his qualifications. On this basis, our approx. 1-hour calls with the candidates take place, during which we brief them on the task, framework conditions and culture of the commissioning organization. During the same interview, we ask people about their qualifications and experience in the required areas.

Know-how Ranking

Here, the consultant assigns himself a score to the required areas. 

In addition, the person completing the form has the option of making his or her own comments, which we make available to our clients.