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We offer our international network of permanent employees, our freelancer pool and our partners in Southern and Eastern Europe as well as in the Far East through our “Digital Hub Services” to all our customers who want to outsource complete products to external contractors.

Your possibilities

Unlimited possibilities to realize your visions –
consistently curated by QUANTUM’s proven experts, teams and partners.

Countries  with the best experts

Countries where QUANTUM actively maintains contacts and places orders for you. 

possible combinations

Expert combinations that are possible for your project plans.


Time zones in which our experts, employees and partners operate.


You give us a briefing on your requirements and we discuss together:

– What should be developed?
– Which technologies should be used?
– Is an entire team needed or just individual roles?
– What is your budget
– What is planned for the individual releases 
– Where do you want to develop?
– What language should your team be able to speak?


We go into an evaluation and inquiry phase with your requirements. Here we screen our network for potential partners. We have the decisive advantage of being able to conduct a broad search. Because in addition to our permanent colleagues, we have thousands of freelancer profiles in our database, as well as several service providers in Germany and abroad. 

We prefer experts and providers with whom we have already gained experience so that we do not have to take any risks. 

We see the advantage for you in the individual approach that we are able to perform: We do not have, like other service providers in this area, only one team, which can be attended with the task: We deal neutrally with your tender and select the best experts for your implementation.

At the end there will be one or more proposals with offers that will completely develop your project according to your specifications. In the end, you have a choice in who you put your trust in and realize your vision.


After a provider, a team or a group of experts has been selected and the contract has been awarded, the implementation can begin. 

Contractor is for you the QUANTUM with the reliability for which we are known. Whether a fixed price has been negotiated or we bill by sprints, we insist on the greatest possible transparency at every step in terms of delivering the results. 

A consultant from our company will look after you during the entire cycle and can be consulted or called in for advice and support. 

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