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Agile work

Agile working in a non-developmental company

QUANTUM works in an agile manner, especially in those areas that are not part of the classic
software or product development.

Scrum, KanBan, ScrumBan – you name it!

Agile working now accompanies a majority of IT companies, as it has become a standard tool within the software industry around the globe over the past decade.

As a counter-design to “classic” methods, such as the waterfall process, agile methods do not assume a planned end product, but rather an iterative approach. Here, rather, the final result is approached. In small project steps, called iterations or Scrum Sprints, an attempt is made to reduce complexity by simplifying the planning effort through a shorter time interval. At the end of this interval, they reflect on what is good, not so good, or needs improvement. In this way, the team is constantly engaged in a so-called build-measure-learn process, which constantly seeks to improve its own actions.

As a personnel consultancy, QUANTUM embeds the entire company in an agile approach: in addition to the principles of the Agile Manifesto, which we have adapted somewhat to our specifics, the Scrum Events as well as the Artifacts. We have also slightly modified these – in a non-development context – and tailored them to the needs.

Define goals, focus, reflect

QUANTUM lives and transports the values that the experts bring to your company. All internal employees thus become true Agile experts.
They live the Agile mindset.

In addition to the vision of creating an agile, excellent community of IT experts, for whom we are a constant partner and reliable mediator through our value-added solutions and services, we go one step further by consistently living agile values.

Our customers benefit from our colleagues who know this method not only from the “textbook”, but are professionals in its application. With the difference in our play style of assigning the roles of PO’s and Scrum Master to a different colleague per iteration, our team understands the requirements. In many ways, this brings advantages in understanding how to perform the roles.

Our mediators screen candidates not only for the right fit in terms of skills, but also for the fit of the expert’s personality.

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