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Our location in Málaga

What is almost unthinkable in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be implemented efficiently in southern Spain: Employing female candidates in IT and product development quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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The Silicon Valley Spain’s

Companies such as Accenture, Google, IBM and Oracle have been making inroads with major
Development centers established in Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía.

The well-known IT university “Universidad de Málaga” is directly connected to the high-tech center. With our location in Málaga, we have the ability to quickly build and scale development teams for our customers. We recommend that you be part of the recruitment process and make your own candidate selection.
Málaga is very well connected with an airport and can be reached excellently via direct flight, for example via Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Munich and Zurich in 2:40 to 3:00 hours.

Become a productive team in five weeks

Our onboarding process from request to team launch:


Two to four weeks

  • You place your order for the experts
  • We start our search


Two weeks

  • We introduce you to suitable candidates
  • You can participate in interviews
  • You decide for female candidates


One week

  • We integrate the resources in your company
  • You will be accompanied by us during the onboarding process
  • The team is ready for action
  • The team starts its first sprint

Our developers in Málaga


You’ll save time with a faster recruiting cycle compared to building and maintaining an internal development effort.


Your service provider and billing partner is our German company, the place of jurisdiction is Munich. So you have a partner on site who accompanies you through the entire process.


You will work with open, responsible and proactive teams in Málaga, Spain. These qualities have a positive effect on project progress and loyalty to the client.

The on-site development teams are usually ready to go and working for you in two to six weeks, depending on the number of female experts and the desired qualifications.
You have the option to fully integrate our site into your organization so that the outsourced development office has full access to your code and storage capabilities.
Your company language is German? We have a solution for this as well: filling the role of project manager or product owner with an employee from your company has shown in the past that the language barrier can be overcome and transparency regarding the progress of the project is guaranteed.
The teams on the Costa del Sol are characterized by a high degree of initiative and independent work. They are cosmopolitan, polite, approachable and speak very good English.

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The Spanish culture is characterized by the reference to the family, from which results the good rooting to the location and responsible action. A high degree of initiative and independent work characterizes the teams on the Costa del Sol. They are cosmopolitan, very polite, approachable and speak very good English.

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