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Offshoring Services

Development teams in Asia


 We find the best developers where expertise, mentality and quality exceed the demands of corporations, medium-sized companies and top start-ups.
We enable our customers to build first-class IT teams quickly and at a reasonable and fair price.
By offshoring we mean the outsourcing of individual roles or complete teams. We prefer this method to onshoring because it is much faster and more cost-efficient.
We cooperate here with our partners in Hi Chi Minh City, Vietnam as well as with other locations in Bangkok. They take over the employment of the experts on site for us. The contact and billing partner for our German customers is the branch office in Munich.

Our customers benefit from enormous potential with excellent quality.

 You’ll save time with a fast recruiting cycle, great role availability, and  
    Potential cost savings compared to building and maintaining in-house development.

✓ Through us, you have a German partner on site who accompanies you through the entire process and is your contractual partner.

✓ You will work with open, responsible and proactive teams in Southeast Asia.

These characteristics have a positive effect on your project progress.

With a population of around 100 million, Vietnam’s population is growing at a rate of one million per year. The average age of Vietnamese is 30, and 45 percent of nationals are under 30. The price and labor costs are low in Vietnam, so software development costs can be extremely reduced. Policymakers in Vietnam are consistently implementing the development of IT resources. Every year, 50,000 to 60,000 potential engineers are born. There is a time difference of 5 hours (daylight saving time) with Hanoi. This allows you to work synchronously with your team on site for around five hours a day.