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For candidates: About QUANTUM

Welcome to QUANTUM!

With its locations in Málaga/Spain, Munich/Germany and Würzburg/Bavaria, QUANTUM offers you highly specialized international work opportunities.

Our client base consists of well-known companies located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which are strongly expanding in the field of technology and IT.

Our Spanish location, the “QUANTUM International Málaga S.L” and the German sister of “QUANTUM International GmbH & Co. KG” are forming a unit and bring exciting customers together with excellent experts on a permanent basis.

The model is tried and tested: Equipped with a solid Spanish employment contract, which of course takes into account all the advantages of Spanish employment law, you can get started for our clients. This way, you are fully and permanently integrated into the client’s mostly agile teams, becoming a valuable remote working part of the client’s structure.

QUANTUM is itself an agile working organization: we live the values of fairness, transparency and a cooperation at eye level. We see ourselves as a partner and “enabler” for you as a future employee of us.

Our Vision

In addition to our vision of creating an agile, excellent community of IT experts, for whom we are a constant partner and reliable mediator through our value-added solutions and services, we are now going one step further by consistently living agile values ourselves.
Our customers thus benefit from our colleagues who not only know this method from the “textbook”, but are professionals in its application.

All services of the QUANTUM Group

With its locations in Munich, Würzburg and in Málaga, Spain, Quantum offers companies highly specialized IT professionals. We support you in successfully implementing digital projects with agile teams quickly, straightforwardly and at the highest methodological and technological level.

Many variables make it possible to individually address specific requirements. You benefit from our many years of expertise in terms of the technology to be used, the right choice of implementation locations, taking into account the planned budget and project milestones.

For you as a customer, we act as an experienced partner with more than 20 years of experience in agile software development as a consulting company that puts you and your users at the center of our thinking. We cover the range from the placement of individual freelancers to the launch of entire teams.

The common understanding of your needs is at the heart of what we do: Many customer testimonials appreciate this very characteristic about us: We come from the digital product development and have been able to build up a strong network of proven experts over the course of many years. This is the foundation of our success, as we have been able to work closely with companies and experts alike and have become well acquainted with the challenges and goals of both sides. Our “Digital Excellence Club” is united in these grown experiences and connections. Here we gather the crème de la crème of German product developers, who are selected according to ambitious specifications and invited to become members of this circle. This is where we start our search when it comes to finding free resources, as we can be sure to find suitable candidates there. Freely according to the motto “good people know good people”.

In the same organic way our subsidiary “Quantum International Málaga S.L.” was established in the “Málaga Valley”. After very good experiences with development teams there, we decided to establish our own location. We are in very good company here, next to companies like Google, Accenture and IBM, who also operate development sites there because of the very good conditions.

We have been living the agile approach for more than 10 years. Our experienced experts support you in establishing Scrum, Kanban method and in scaled approaches like SAFe, Nexus or LeSS.

Your hiring process

Here you can see the standardized recruitment process. It represents the guidelines of contacting,
matching with the client and interviews



You submit your CV and apply with us.



We will check your CV, have a first short interview with you and then introduce you to the client.

After this we organize 1-3 interviews with you and our customes. We will participate and guide you during the whole process.



After the client has decided on you, we are clear about all contractual things, you will receive your permanent contract and will be onboarded into the client’s team. 

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