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Open IT jobs 2019
in Germany

Growth in comparison
to 2018

Did you know that there were 124,000 IT job openings in 2019 and that
no suitable employees could be found?

This challenge is intensifying, according to t3n.de,
so the figures show that there is a growth of 51% compared to the previous year!


We go for you
on the search

Medium-sized companies are particularly affected, but so are corporations that do not have their development sites in the metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Frankfurt. This is because the sought-after specialists are interested in companies in large cities, on the one hand, and in companies with great appeal, such as the American tech giants, car manufacturers or successful start-ups, on the other.
If you want to be successful in attracting new support, we recommend breaking new ground: We have long been actively approaching potential employees on a regular basis, contacting them via social media, in person or via networks.

This gives us the opportunity to personally discuss the benefits of your company and the exciting projects that are coming up to the candidates, drastically increasing the chance of an interview.

Once won over, young employees in particular prove to be very loyal and committed to the company.

If you book this service with us, we will agree on a success-based fee, which gives you the security of being presented with only the most suitable candidates.