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Freelancing: a closer look at the type of work

Freelancing: a closer look at the type of work

The words «freelance» and «freelancer» are gaining more and more popularity in modern society. Such words conjure up an image of a bold adolescent concentrated on a laptop screen. Let’s look at the routine of such a specialist in detail. It might even encourage some of you to dive deeper into the matter and join the club.

Freelancing allows one to work online outside any physical and psychological framework. A freelancer, in turn, is a contract worker who is to perform particular work for a specified fee. It is a common practice in the post-covid era especially.

As a standard freelancer works along the following lines:

  1. CV placements and customer search.
  2. Receipt of role definition, clarifying project from the customer;
  3. Study processes and methods, and discuss incomprehensible points.
  4. Performance of work.
  5. Receiving feedback from users, peers, stakeholders, and management and making iterations on his work.
  6. Writing bills and receiving payment.

This algorithm runs most of the remote experts. Yet, the professions in the IT sphere are different, so the process of cooperation can look different. For example:

  • developers spend much time developing a product and making regular revisions;
  • product managers develop projects analyzing the market for their product;
  • SEO specialists review the current client’s website and proceed with developing and optimizing it.

Table of contents:

  1. What skills should you have as a freelancer?
  2. How much can a freelancer earn?
  3. Quantum offers help for freelancers

What skills should you have as a freelancer?

The most essential trait is familiarizing yourself with new environments because this will happen to you often (on average, every six to seven months, according to our estimates). In addition, the described practical experience is essential. The longer and broader your background is, the better you apply to customers. Certificates can help to prove your knowledge. Short statements about your work from previous clients underpin the satisfaction of your customers.

How much can a freelancer earn?

Earnings primarily depend on an employee’s skills. It is an advantage to dedicate at least 3.5-5 days a week to one of your clients.

As our practice shows, our experts earn far more than the same experts in permanent employment. However, the expectations are also much higher. You also have to expect to pay your health insurance, income tax, and other insurances. However, a net of 10,000 to 25,000 euros is feasible in our field.

Quantum offers help for freelancers.

We at QUANTUM do our best to meet the needs of both IT-Software companies and well-qualified professionals. We strive to make our world better by uniting innovative companies with their future favorite workers.

If you want to learn more about freelancing in the IT-sphere, please, stay tuned and follow the social media of our company and our leading recruiters:

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