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What should a beginner IT freelancer know?

What should a beginner IT freelancer know?

The post-COVID trend towards remote work and freelancing has not subsided. Today, it has become evident how convenient the format of freelance work is, especially in digital technology. Both freelancers and business owners benefit from it immensely.

But what is so remarkable about this format of work? And what do IT freelancers need to become successful specialists? We propose to consider these problems further.

Table of contents:

  1. Why do professionals go freelance?
  2. How to become a welcome freelancer?
  3. What should an IT freelancer know?
  4. Quantum offers assistance to freelancers.

Why do professionals go freelance?

Freelancers themselves identify three main reasons for moving to such a format:

  • Flexible hours
  • A remote place of work
  • A higher income than wages at the central workplace

Freelancers choose to work remotely since they don’t feel like wasting time and effort commuting to the office, working in a small enclosed space, and communicating with an unpleasant team member. We can say that free scheduling and the number of tasks give more career growth and earning opportunities.

How to become a welcome freelancer?

Apparently, employers will always welcome the person who is striving to contribute to the development of their company and can do it efficiently. It is good to bring a treasure trove of experience that potential clients can use with you. We recommend at least five years of experience in a specific role. The critical thing for freelance jobs is that your technical expertise counts, not so much leadership experience.

Before beginning to start working in freelancing, the first thing is to test the market. Proactively send your CV to placement partners and wait for feedback. There always is room for improvement. So, even if a company declines your CV, try to ask their HR for some feedback so that you can include all the crucial details for keeping on sending your CV with relevant information.

Try to find a reasonable daily rate by finding other freelancers with your skills – it is often possible to see the day rate. Another option is to ask intermediaries for a budget range for the client. List yourself on the freelancer platforms with a detailed profile and wait to see what requests come back. If you think you can cover the first six months with these requests, you have to dare!

What should an IT freelancer know?

Want to make a jump into freelance development jobs? Here you will learn everything you need to consider to become a successful IT freelancer. The growth of technological needs has made developers and programmers a powerful business asset. Freelancer specialists who work by the hour are top-rated.

How to determine whether you can become a freelancer? The first thing to consider is that you become an individual business. All marketing, sales, administration, and accounting responsibilities will fall to you. You will also be busy finding customers, creating a personal brand, and honing your business model. 

If you are not afraid of all of the listed responsibilities and you are serious about it, then answer for yourself the following questions:

  • You do not want traditional work on a strict schedule.
  • You are passionate about programming.
  • You can motivate and control yourself.
  • It would be best if you balanced between work and personal life.
  • You don’t mind networking.
  • You like being your boss.

If you mark yourself two or more points, then you have every chance to become a successful IT freelancer. After all, the decision to move to a remote form of work is how one wants to balance the job in one’s life, what aspects of work one values most, and what kind of work one wants to do.

Quantum offers assistance to freelancers.

At QUANTUM, we strive to do our best to meet the needs of both highly skilled IT professionals and IT companies. We improve our world by connecting innovative companies with their future promising workers.

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