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The importance of networks

The importance of networks

QUANTUM Digital Excellence Community

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, innovative approaches are needed to meet the demand for qualified IT specialists. One of these approaches is the creation of the Digital Excellence Club community, as at QUANTUM. Such a community is made up of experienced and highly qualified IT professionals who can exchange ideas, network and educate each other. But what added value does such a community have for customers and candidates?

For our customers, the Digital Excellence Club community offers the advantage of access to a pool of highly qualified IT professionals who are already networked in the community and on the cutting edge of technology. This enables companies to find suitable candidates faster and more efficiently and to implement their projects quickly and successfully. The opportunity to get in direct contact with IT professionals via QUANTUM Community Managers and work together on projects can also lead to successful collaboration.

For the candidates themselves, the Digital Excellence Club community offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with other IT professionals and learn from each other. By sharing best practices and new technologies, they can expand and develop their skills, which is beneficial for both their careers and personal growth. In addition, they can become aware of interesting projects through the community and open up new career opportunities.

Overall, it can be said that a Digital Excellence Club community like the one at QUANTUM offers added value for customers and candidates alike. Clients benefit from fast and efficient access to highly qualified IT professionals, while candidates can advance their careers through interaction with other professionals and the opportunity to further their education. In addition, the community contributes to higher motivation and better performance.

Sociological studies have shown that people learn better, develop faster and are more successful in communities. Through the community the motivation is increased, because you support and inspire each other. Being able to get feedback and support can also help you make faster progress.


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