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The truth about the IT skills shortage: new ways to collaborate and attract talent

The truth about the IT skills shortage: new ways to collaborate and attract talent

At QUANTUM International, we hear time and again that there is a shortage of skilled workers in many industries, especially in the IT sector. In the meantime, however, we have come to the opposite opinion: There is (actually) no shortage of skilled workers in the IT sector! It is homemade. Our insight is based on the fact that today we have several opportunities to recruit talent worldwide and reshape collaboration in a globalized economy:

🗺️ One way to get around the alleged shortage of skilled workers is nearshoring or offshoring. In these approaches, our customers work with us to outsource tasks that are normally performed by internal employees. Nearshoring means cooperation with a company in a nearby country, for example with our sister company QUANTUM International Málaga, while offshoring describes cooperation with a company on another continent, here too we currently offer solutions in Vietnam. These approaches allow companies to access a broader talent pool while saving costs.

🔗 Another way to find professionals is through freelancing solutions. In our community, companies can post projects and access a variety of freelancers who are able to assist with IT projects. This platform allows companies to access specialized talent quickly and effectively while keeping costs in check.

Another factor that contributes to our view that there is no IT skills shortage is the willingness of companies to explore new ways of working together.

👩‍💻Viele Companies have realized that remote work is a viable option and that it is possible to work effectively with employees around the world. This not only allows our customers:inside to access talent living and working in other parts of the world, while keeping costs low.

⭐ One company that is successful in finding IT professionals is the German company TeamViewer. It has expanded its search for talent around the world and now operates offices in India and Malaysia. In addition, the company has implemented a remote working model that allows employees to work from anywhere in the world.

💡As entrepreneurs:inside, we should adapt to new challenges and developments in the world of work while remaining flexible and open. We should not get hung up on the idea of a general shortage of skilled workers, but focus on bottlenecks in specific areas and try to solve them with new models. We believe we should be brave to test, establish and then live new working models.


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