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6 advantages of freelancers

6 advantages of freelancers

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Why are more and more companies and IT managers turning to freelancers to get the job done? Here are six good reasons why freelancers are the future of work.

1. freelancers are inexpensive

When you factor in benefit payments such as sick days, vacation pay, retirement benefits, and office space and supplies needs, you quickly understand why freelancers are less expensive than employees. In addition, as a client, you only pay for the time that is used or for the results that you expect – not for the time spent drinking coffee or catching up on the latest gossip

2. freelancers are passionate about what they do

As a freelancer, you depend on business from returning clients and good sustainable relationships. Freelancers can’t hide behind the team. It is in a freelancer’s best interest to do an excellent job with every client. You as a customer will benefit from the diverse experience and expertise.

“It’s in a freelancer’s best interest to do an exceptional job with every client.”

Burkhard Süssenguth, Founder QUANTUM

3. freelancers are flexible

Maybe you’re planning a relaunch of your website, want to develop a new web app, or are introducing a new product increment? Instead of hiring a full-time employee or, worse, straining the capacity of your own team to absorb the increased workload, using a freelancer is a great option. They are available to meet project-based or short-term business needs. Engaging a freelancer is a very good way to bring new skills on board and equip your team for those short-term demands. And: Just because the project ends, the relationship doesn’t have to end. Many companies choose to work with the same freelancers over and over again to build a strong and trusted support network. As QUANTUM, we live exactly this added value: We repeatedly provide our customers with freelancers who are known and appreciated in our communities.

4. freelancers offer a new perspective

Is your team stuck in a “we’ve always done it this way” mindset? It is understandable that common processes are adopted and lived when you are rooted in a company. However, when it comes to innovation, these habits can be hard to break. A freelancer offers a fresh perspective and new ways of thinking. He can help you to realize your vision, which your team can no longer perceive due to a certain “operational blindness”. When innovation is needed, a freelancer can bring creative input to your team without stepping on anyone’s toes.

“Freelancers often bring new methods to companies that drive innovation and make them successful.”

Burkhard Süssenguth, Founder QUANTUM

5. freelancers are independent & reliable

Once your freelancer has been briefed and given everything they need, you can sit back and let them start doing what they do best. Freelancers are used to working under time pressure. This will allow you to refocus on other areas of your business. Another advantage of freelancing is that you know what you are going to get, as the terms and results of the cooperation are clearly discussed at the beginning.

6. remote work is normal for freelancers

A new freelancer doesn’t have to set up a computer, go through a long onboarding process, or meet with HR. Freelancers are ready for action when you are and know it. They manage without the distractions of an office, so you only pay for the time spent working on your project.


While we are big fans of freelancers here at QUANTUM, not all freelancer engagements are a success. As a customer, you get out in the end what you put in. We recommend that you create a thorough brief that outlines the project goals, expectations, and deliverables so that you get exactly what you need. We as QUANTUM will advise you in every question and help you to find the right freelancer. If you need help in creating your requirement profile, we will be happy to assist you. Contact us and we will guide you through the process and match you with the right freelancer to get the project done.


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