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Five signs that you are interviewing the right candidate

Five signs that you are interviewing the right candidate

5 signs that you are interviewing the right candidate


Sure, a “good” candidate is something pretty subjective – but good candidates can be hard to find and every resume has its own criteria of who makes that great candidate. We think it’s safe to say that there are five characteristics that make a candidate “good” and every Hiring Manager should consider.

  1. They have relevant work experience in the field you are searching somebody: Are they qualified to perform the tasks of the open position? There’s nothing more time-wasting than sitting down for an interview with a candidate and they do not have enough relevant work experience for the open position.
  2. They know your company and the position Good candidates are able to understand what you do, who you are, and what their position would be. Not every detail must be memorized, but basic information should be expected.
  3. They are communicative Good communication is critical to the success of any organization. Through their speaking and writing, great communicators have the ability to positively impact any organization, and they are sought out by the companies that hire them.
  4. They are motivated See what motivates the candidates of yours and if they’re lacking in a few areas but seem super motivated – maybe give them a chance! You never know how those motivated employees will surprise you.
  5. They fit your culture This means their social skills need to be developed enough, so they don’t disrupt the positive atmosphere in your office and team. Since every IT job involves working with other people, as well as communicating with them, you’re going to want to hire a person with strong social skills.


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